Legends ready to answer questions at ‘Croft Talks LIVE

Croft-Talks-Legends-Bancroft OntThere are some people that just seem to be a foundational part of our community and three of them have agreed to join ‘Croft Talks LIVE host Barb Shaw on Jan. 26 at the Village Playhouse to talk about how they became legends in North Hastings.

The January line-up features local Funeral Director Tim Baragar and while many know Tim for the support, comfort and care he provides to those at difficult times, he’s moving into a new role as a political advocate.

Over the past year Tim has been doing interviews and spreading the word about the provincial Estate Assessment Tax. Newly rolled-out at the start of 2015, Tim has been getting some traction educating people and pushing the Wynne government to consider changes to the tax that targets people in their deepest moments of grief and despair.

Joining Tim Baragar to share stories is Nan McGhee. Nan will be making time in her busy travel schedule to share stories from her CJNH days, insights from her council adventures and she’s also going to give the audience a sneak peek into some of her current projects and plans.

“I am really looking forward to interviewing both Tim and Nan,” says host Barb Shaw. “They are fabulous storytellers and they truly could each have their own show. I am also thrilled to have Joey Shulman returning for another visit. Joey was such a hit at the last show that we really needed him to come back – and thankfully he agreed! He’ll be doing a community update for us and joining everyone for a Q & A segment. I really think these three legends are going to deliver a great experience for our audience.”

‘Croft Talks LIVE is a monthly talk show hosted at the Village Playhouse in Bancroft. The show is recorded and released as a podcast but being part of the live, interactive show is something you don’t want to miss.

‘Croft Talks LIVE is sponsored this month by Deuce Tattoos and the Bickert Family and Marlow Bickert will be on stage to do the sponsor’s welcome. For those who don’t know Marlow, this future legend managed to steal the last show from the comfort of the audience with his tough questions and fabulous humour.

“Croft Talks LIVE is produced by Plan B Communications Consulting in partnership with the Bancroft Village Playhouse. Tickets are $5 and the door and the bar open at 6pm on Jan. 26.

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TIFF fans get your pass for here for the North of 7 Film Fest

TIFFfilmpass2Film fans across North Hastings can now purchase their seasons pass to the North of 7 Film Fest. The North of 7 Film Fest is operated in partnership with TIFF’s Film Circuit program and each month, between September and June, an independent film is screened at the Bancroft Village Playhouse. All proceeds from the Festival support programming provided by Hospice North Hastings, making the screenings a perfect example of caring through culture.

After the success of the 2014/15 season, Heather Brough had some tough decisions to make. As the Hospice Coordinator and Festival Programmer, she had to choose films that could live up to the standards of last year’s film selections.

“I think everyone will be really happy with these choices,” Brough said. “We’ve been running this festival for a while now so we have a pretty good idea what our audiences are looking for. The first four films are all sure to please.” Read More

Trip of a Lifetime

photo of winnersBetty and John Pilgrim enjoyed their trip of a lifetime to Ireland compliments of WestJet after Betty won the Gift of Flight at last year’s Fall Hike for Hospice. All hikers who raised $1,000 or more were entered to win this great prize. It was a great day for Betty to win because it was also her 80th birthday and her family joined her on the hike to celebrate. Visiting Ireland has always been a dream for Betty and we’re happy that this dream came true. Travelling with Betty and John were some much needed yellow Hospice umbrellas.

The Fall Hike for Hospice runs on October 4th and for those who raise $1,000 or more in pledges this year, Hospice North Hastings is offering a chance to win a one-week stay at an ocean front cottage in PEI.

Wilson Timber Mart reveals new bathroom at Village Playhouse

009After taking over the lease of the Village Playhouse in the spring, the team from Hospice North Hastings started making a list of big and small repairs that were needed in the historic theatre. With a quick refresh done for the kitchen, Hospice Coordinator Heather Brough decided that the three tired-looking unisex bathrooms in the theatre also needed some love.

That’s when Kim and Nicole Trolley from Wilson Timber Mart offered their assistance.

Nicole Trolley is studying business administration and marketing at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. Home for the summer and working at Wilson Timber Mart, Nicole loves interior design and she’s pretty committed to Hospice where she has spent time over the past three years working on the huge Hospice Gala. And in the midst of Gala craziness, Heather Brough says there is no better assistant than Nicole.


So it just made sense for Nicole, with the help of her mom, Kim, to take on the bathroom project. Heather gave a few guidelines to start with. The colour had to be bright and the theme had to have an art deco feel. With these suggestions, Nicole hit Pinterest and started looking through catalogues at Wilson Timber Mart.

The space is small so Nicole had a challenge when it came to deciding on what to do with the fixtures and fittings. She and her mom had been looking at suppliers’ websites and when they compared what they had found they had the same vanity at the top of each of their lists.

Nicole describes the vanity as compact but really rich in its look. The piece acts as an anchor and provides a nice contrast to the brightly painted walls. Getting creative, Nicole also created a whimsical sign that asks guests to remain seated during the performance.

Completed in time for the recent Jane Bunnett jazz concert, music lovers were delighted with the new bathroom because it looked great but also because it’s one more sign that things are coming back to life in the beautiful theatre.

“We are so thrilled with this bathroom,” said Hospice Coordinator, Heather Brough. “Nicole, Kim and Wilson Timber Mart have been so supportive in this new endeavour and they’re really making sure that this theatre remains as a vibrant part of the community.”

Nicole says she had a great time working on the bathroom. She estimates the refresh cost under $1,000 and she is really happy with the results.

“I love interior design and I really love doing things in the community,” Nicole explained. “We really wanted to help with this project and to do this for Hospice and for the Village Playhouse.”

The other two bathrooms in the Playhouse will be refreshed by other supporters in the community in the months ahead and Nicole Trolley is ready for some competition.

“I’m excited to see what the other bathrooms will look like and I’m sure our creation will stand-up against any competition.”

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