Support the kids today for they are our community leaders tomorrow

On March 1, Maynooth Public School will be hosting the local band Camaraderie for an evening performance at the beautiful Hastings Highlands Community Center. Being a small rural school located  24 km north of Bancroft, Ontario it is a primary/junior school serving approximately 100 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6.


Camaraderie consists of 7 local women that have come together to perform for local events and to help with raising funds for different causes. Along with the evenings entertainment the school will be holding a silent auction of local artists. Donations to the silent have come from all over our community that includes 2 prints donated by Ketha Newman, an original by Valerie Loney, a print by Nancy Brooks of the school , a signed item from the Bare Naked Ladies and the framed photograph by Lylis Designs /Gail Burstyn. There is also a variety of other donations that have come in to show the support to the school.


Principal Lisa Resmer said “that the funds will go to our schools literacy goals as well as to help cover costs of out of school learning opportunities. Given our rural location, transportation costs are high. Fundraising provides us with money to offset these costs , giving our students the opportunity to travel”.

We here at Living North of 7 believe in helping our community through our blog by giving  a public forum to promote local events and showing how our community comes together by working  together.

Tickets are $15 each or 2 for $25 which include coffee, tea and of course the ever famous dessert buffet. Tickets available at the school, Treehouse, Harvest Moon, Maynooth General Store or by calling Lisa at 613-338-2816.

So on March 1, head to the community centre and enjoy the night with friends and family while also contributing to the kids that will one day be the leaders of our community.

Urban Girl xoxo

Rural Living: Learning Community Support

This past week I learned first hand exactly how community support really works in this area by being part of the team that put together the grand openings of Foot Fix, Heritage Home Furniture and the re-opening of the Heritage Shoppe ( the last being one of the darlings here).

Sometimes, when you organize these kind of things you are never sure just how they will work out but due to the people involved and the community sponsors things went without a hitch.  Living North of 7 would like to give shout outs to the sponsors, the ribbon cutters Joe Neuhold (The Elk Man) and the town Mayor Bernice Jenkins as that is what we do here, support the community & businesses in our own little way.

living north of sevenSpatopia donated a beautiful foot spa set and not only do they give generously by way of time or product, they also shop at the Heritage shops.  Nicole Duncan re purposes goods she finds into beautiful new creations (keeping things out of the landfill)  but you have to drop by Spatopia to see what I mean.

Country Camera Studio and Image Gallery donated a gift certificate and there are so many ways to be able to use this as Christmas iscountry camera just around the corner. From getting your family shot done for this years card (digitally or hard copy) to the art in the shop. Their new art shop has many artists from the local area and I go in weekly just to check out the new pieces that they have. There is one particular piece that I have my eye and will be in my possession soon…. I can’t wait to have it hanging on my wall.

living north of seven

One other sponsor I am not sure how many of you are aware of is Waterbeads Canada who also donated a foot spa package.

Waterbeads have many different uses like growing plants, centre pieces to even tactile development. Imagine your Christmas centerpiece all done with the red and white beads lit by a few floralights….stunning.

Last but certainly not least the South Algonquin Eatery and Pub came through with some great nibbles for the guests plus anyone who attend received a 10% discount on their meals after the openings. Did we take advantage of this deal, of course 🙂 A group of about 20 of us went and had a great meal, lots of laughs and of course dancing to the pub’s entertainment that night. Shane our bartender was awesome as he probably had his hands full with us.

Thanks to everyone that was a part of this or came out and showing this urban girl how the rural community comes together in support of their own.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be a one time year affair

We all lead busy lives and sometimes we can forget to say thank you or even take a moment to give thanks for what we have. Not everyone is as fortunate as others and I am not just speaking to material things in life.

Each day we have the opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face by just reaching out and saying “hello”. How many of you know of someone who is alone or in need? My bet is you could count at least 5 right off the top of your head. So my question to you is “when was the last time your reached out to them”.

There are so many ways each day to pay it forward and give thanks at the same time. How about freely giving your time to a cause you feel strongly about. It doesn’t take much  and it just might surprise you what you get in return.

Another suggestion is why just donate to your local food bank once or twice a year when you are reminded to. Why not do this monthly and while you’re dropping off your donation, stay an hour or two and help out. Maybe you know a senior that lives alone or is on a limited income, why not buy a gift certificate for a Meals on Wheels program and have the piece of mind that they are getting a healthy well-balanced meal delivered? You might even take it a step further and become a volunteer driver for  Meals on Wheels?

There are so many ways to give thanks each and every day, why not take the first step today!